Continuous Safety Improvement: What, Why & How

In our recent study โ€œState of Safety Management 2020: 10 Safety Challenges You Need To Knowโ€, almost 70% of EHS managers said that they recognize involving their team in continuous safety improvements. The trouble is, the quest to increase safety performance can truly seem like a Holy Grail to EHS leaders โ€” the ultimate reward that nobody has managed to gain. 

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5 Ways To Organise Your Templates

If you've been using Capptions for a while, chances are you have built a number of templates. We know that many of our customers have also decided to incorporate multiple use cases into the platform, which is great! But we can also imagine that as the data starts piling up in Capptions, and you start adding more templates, you might also want to organise your templates a bit better. That's why in this article we've outlined 5 ways to organise your templates so you can decide what works best with you. 

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Topics: Tips & Tricks

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