SOSvolaris and Capptions link services

Professional alarms coupled with a powerful and flexible EHS management platform.

Thanks to the link between EHS management software Capptions and the SOSvolaris platform you can automatically record alarms in the Capptions platform. This allows you to bundle information from reports and use it directly for inspections, incident registration, follow-up, and reporting.

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Stell and Capptions partner up for a unique value proposition

Signage and labeling are important in making the work environment safe and understandable in the fields of energy, chemicals, maritime, industry and fire protection. Stell and Capptions join forces to provide these industries with a unique value proposition. 

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A warm welcome to Nora

With the growth of Capptions we are happy to introduce our latest team member; Nora!
Nora will be focusing on keeping our Customer Support on the level and top notch experience Capptions strives for. 
With her previous experiences as a Customer Support specialist Nora is a valuable addition to our team.

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Capptions zoekt Customer Support Engineer (M/V)

Breng jij onze support naar een nieuw niveau? Vanwege onze sterke groei zijn we op zoek naar een nieuwe collega. Vind je het leuk om veel in contact te zijn met klanten over de hele wereld, meestal in het Engels, oplossingen aan te dragen en daarnaast ons algemene supportniveau naar een hoger plan te tillen? Dan zijn we op zoek naar jou!

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Our Premium Offerings

Capptions has two new premium offerings to make sure you get the most out of our platform. A new SLA to help you making Capptions a huge success, and a premium feature package: lots of extra functionality to make sure you get the information you need.

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5 Ways To Organise Your Templates

If you've been using Capptions for a while, chances are you have built a number of templates. We know that many of our customers have also decided to incorporate multiple use cases into the platform, which is great! But we can also imagine that as the data starts piling up in Capptions, and you start adding more templates, you might also want to organise your templates a bit better. That's why in this article we've outlined 5 ways to organise your templates so you can decide what works best with you. 

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5 Innovative Ways Companies Are Using EHS Software


Did you know that the most common injury at work is caused by overexertion due to external forces? This means that people get hurt when lifting, pushing or throwing objects. This alone can cost a company in the United States $13.1 billion, as stated in an infographic by Liberty Mutual Insurance. 


Overall, disabling injuries set back the finances of businesses by $55 billion. Fortunately, these are costs that can be mitigated, as long as the workplace has the right tools that can help them enforce safety policies. One of them is an EHS solution

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Digitising EHS Processes: where to fish?

Picture this, it’s the end of the first quarter, you have a board meeting on the 1st of April. The pressure as an EHS manager is on, because the company is expecting a projection for the rest of the year. The CEO wants you to present your ideas on how you’ll be reaching your goals this year. As a manager, you know there were a few setbacks these past couple months that you'll need to mitigate, but what's the solution? Also, during the last meeting you decided to (further) digitise the EHS processes. Lots of decisions to be made.

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7 Things You Need To Know When Looking For An EHS Solution


Like most organisations, you’ve probably developed your own version of the plan-do-check-act cycle through the years and now you’re looking for a way to digitise it. Certainly, there should be EHS software that does what you need it to do, right?

Sooner or later, you’re bound to face the same dilemma that’s been dogging tech shoppers since the dawn of enterprise software:

  • Should you Build an EHS solution? This is the better option if you don’t want to change your existing processes, but it could take months or even years (during which time the project will probably spin out of budget more than once).
  • Should you Buy an EHS solution? This certainly takes less time than building your own solution but there will be trade-offs because you will be getting a pre-made EHS platform. 

In the end, no matter if you build or buy, you will have to compromise. So, which one is the ‘lesser evil’?

We’ll outline the pros and cons of building vs. buying, and inform you on the 7 things you need to look out for when acquiring EHS software

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4 Ways EHS Software Improves Productivity

Having information flow freely through your organisation can reduce operational risks. Productivity is crucial for any organisational growth. Companies are looking to increase productivity, but often ignore that information is the key essential in which to implement change.

To enable easy access to critical information, your workflow should have a better information system than a paper based one. Having a digital solution in your day-to-day operations can ultimately increase your organisation’s productivity.

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