Continuous Safety Improvement: What, Why & How

In our recent study “State of Safety Management 2020: 10 Safety Challenges You Need To Know”, almost 70% of EHS managers said that they recognize involving their team in continuous safety improvements. The trouble is, the quest to increase safety performance can truly seem like a Holy Grail to EHS leaders — the ultimate reward that nobody has managed to gain. 

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Bringing safer systems to Australian organisations

HSE Systems Australia is the exclusive Australian partner of Capptions. They provide Health, Safety, Environment and Quality systems for businesses that are located in Australia and New Zealand.


HSE Systems Australia is a division of Genroe Australia, which was founded in 2001 by Adam Ramshaw and their office is based in Sydney. Adam has been working in B2B engineering, marketing and sales businesses for more than 30 years. He used to work for the industrial process control division of Honeywell. He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and has helped other organisations with implementing and executing software and their systems.

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A new addition to the development team: Joost Elfering

We are more than happy to welcome our newest addition to the team: Joost Elfering! He will be joining the development team as Lead Product Developer and work closely with the rest of our team.

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Internship: Forming The Link Between Marketing And Sales

As our company continues to grow so does our team. Allow us to introduce our newest member, Amber Kranenburg! She is the new Marketing and Sales intern and will be assisting in following up on our Dutch leads specifically and supporting our marketing efforts. 


Amber is currently attending Avans University in Breda, where she is majoring in Commercial Economy. Her study program is quite broad, but it is mostly focused on marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. She also did an international business study prior to her current bachelor program. Throughout the studies, she realised that she had a passion for marketing and sales and that she wanted to pursue a career in these business fields. For her internship, Amber was searching for a marketing and sales position at a company located in Rotterdam and this is how she ended up at Capptions.

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How an inspection app became a game-changer for Imperial Brands

Imperial Brands is a fast-moving consumer goods company based in the UK. They are specialized in the production of tobacco and own big brands such as JPS, West and Winston. They are also the fourth-largest cigarette company and the largest producer of tobacco in the world. We had the honor of interviewing David Franks, who is the Group Occupational Health and Safety Advisor of Imperial Brands. He started working for the company as the Health, Safety and Environment Advisor in 2013 before he changed to his current position.   

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COVID-19 Response: Complete Guidelines & Resources for EHS Professionals

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, it’s becoming more and more important for all of us to step up and stand by our communities. In response to COVID-19, we want to help protect those who are in the front lines of the battle.

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Is This Why Smaller Companies Are Less Digitised?

The CBS recently published a report saying that about a third of Dutch companies have not or barely digitised the processes in their day-to-day operations. In a way, this makes sense of course. You could assume that smaller companies have less money to spend, and are thus not spending that money on software or other digitisation efforts. But I have another view on the matter. I think that smaller companies think they are too small for digitisation. Too, being the operative word here. 

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First Week as a Graduate Intern at Capptions

My name is Naomi Wan and I have joined the Capptions team as the new Marketing and Sales Intern. I study International Business and Languages at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and for my last year, I have to write a thesis.

When I was searching for internship vacancies, I quickly encountered Capptions. I was interested in the position immediately, because I was looking for a company where I could challenge myself and grow as a business student. I wanted to learn more about other industries and how they work. I have already done an internship in the travel industry and I liked it a lot, but for the thesis, I wanted to try something new and Capptions seemed like the perfect match. 

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Registrations Have Doubled at Van der Ende Steel Protectors Group

Steel is one of the strongest and most durable building materials. However, steel has one threat: corrosion. That’s where Van der Ende Steel Protectors Group comes in, they do maintenance on assets, from those of oil and gas companies to bridges and rail infra. They protect the steel from the impact of corrosion. Van der Ende is one of the largest Dutch specialists in protecting steel against corrosion. The family business started in 1929 and is one of the last of its kind in this specialised sector. 

Van der Ende has been a customer of Capptions since 2016, and we had the pleasure of interviewing Ilja Bangma, the HSEQ manager. 

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Ardagh Group Cuts Administrative Time In 4

Ardagh, as a global entity, has had a Lean Six Sigma program in place for the past 21 years. Among this, a 5S deployment which involves monthly audits. The average time that they were spending on these audits was at least 10 people per plant spending 2-3 hours to go through all the audits. Because it was mainly Excel-based, it was not standardised across the plants or regions, let alone worldwide. People were going with just a printout of the Excel, walking around the plants while taking pictures with their camera and making notes, then going back to their desks and spending hours to document what they’d found. Let’s do the math.

10 people x 56 plants x 2,5 hours x 12 months = 16.800 hours per year.

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